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JOX SOX Men’s Cushioned No Show Socks

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Perfect for golf, tennis, running, cycling, hiking, walking, workout, sports, exercise, fitness and daily wear. Originally designed for athletes whose feet take a pounding, they are perfect for anyone who wears socks. Padded only on the bottom, each step you take feels as if you are walking on a cloud, without adding bulk or changing your shoe size.

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15 reviews for JOX SOX Men’s Cushioned No Show Socks

  1. Stephen

    The best socks EVER. Period, end of story!!

  2. Gary

    I don’t like tall socks, so these are really nice. Fit and feel great. Absorb the perspiration, so my feet stay dry.

  3. Nicholas

    I used to wear foot joy, but I got some Jox Sox at my pro shop for the first time, and really liked them.

  4. Eric

    I am a sock snob, and only wore Balega socks for years, but now I am a jox sox guy. great quality, last long.

  5. Larry

    These socks have just the right amount of padding. I also like the mesh part on the top.

  6. Jonathan

    I normally buy my socks in a bag, and get about 6 pair for what I paid for one pair of Jox Sox. These socks cost way more, but I have to say they seem like they are worth the money.I will be buying more.

  7. Jake

    I think I have about 20 pair of Jox Sox in all different styles. Great quality and company.

  8. Justin

    Good quality, well made. I will buy more.

  9. Scott

    I play tennis every weekend, and I wear joxsox exclusively.

  10. Benjamin

    I like these a lot, I also have the low cuts, and I really can’t tell the difference in height, and the low cuts come in more colors. I am a fan of Jox Sox

  11. Brandon

    I have 6 pair of these, and my kid slowly but surely took them all. Now I just ordered 6 more. These are great.

  12. Sam

    I run with these and they do not slide down into my shoe

  13. Gregory

    I keep 3 pair in my golf bag, and they are all I wear!

  14. Frank

    Love, Love these No shows.

  15. Alex

    Cushioning is great, but not too much. Also I like that these are mostly cotton.

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