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Jox Sox Men’s Cushioned Low Cut Socks

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Perfect for golf, tennis, running, cycling, hiking, walking, workout, sports, exercise, fitness and daily wear. Originally designed for athletes whose feet take a pounding, they are perfect for anyone who wears socks. Padded only on the bottom, each step you take feels as if you are walking on a cloud, without adding bulk or changing your shoe size.

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27 reviews for Jox Sox Men’s Cushioned Low Cut Socks

  1. Robert

    I have been wearing only jox sox for over 10 years now.

  2. John

    By far best in class..

  3. William

    These cost more than other socks that I own, but they are better.

  4. Michael

    Wear these to cycle and work out in. I like that they don’t slip down.

  5. David

    I like the ay the are padded, and don’t slip down. A winner.

  6. Richard

    Got these as a gift, and I thought they were just like other socks, but these are better.

  7. Joseph

    Best tennis socks ever!

  8. Thomas

    I used to wear Thorlo, but they are too thick. Jox sox fit nice, not as thick

  9. Danny

    Only socks I wear to the gym now that I found them.

  10. Charles

    Don’t slip into my shoes like my other socks.

  11. Chris

    I play pickle ball 3 days a week, and they are great.

  12. Paul

    I wear these cushioned joxsox in my golf shoes. I usually walk the course, and my feet feel great after 18.

  13. Andrew

    These socks make shoes without a lot of cushioning more comfortable.

  14. kenneth

    Really nice socks, well made.

  15. Joshua

    My entire family is a Jox Sox family.

  16. Brian

    The only sock I wear for golf!

  17. Kevin

    I like the padding on the bottom, but not on the top, so they are not tight in my shoes.

  18. Brian

    I have the crew and low cut cushioned socks. I also have the supralite socks that they make, but I like the cushioned better, because they have padding.

  19. George

    I got a pair of Jox Sox in a goodie bag at a golf tournament in Dallas. Now I only wear Jox Sox. I will be a customer forever.

  20. Timothy

    I usually wear the supralite jox sox, but tried the cushioned socks, and I really like them as well.

  21. Ronald

    I like the mesh on the top, I think it keeps you cooler? Not sure, but they feel great.

  22. Jacob

    I bought my first pair of Jox Sox at my golf club in FL, Now I buy them on line because they have a better selection.

  23. Jeffrey

    They took a little longer to get, then when I get stuff from Amazon, but it was worth the weight. My feet don’t feel wet when I take these socks off.

  24. Ronny

    I have about 10 pair of jox sox that I have bought over at least 5 years now. I didn’t even know that they offer a lifetime guarantee, until I saw it in an email advertisement. I had 2 pair that the elastic stretched out in.(probably from a hot dryer over the years) I sent them back, and they actually replaced them for FREE!! Wow, they had to be at least 4 or 5 years old. Great company!

  25. Gary

    I usually buy cheap socks, but my wife wears jox sox, so she made me try them. I will never buy cheap socks again.

  26. Andy

    The ad I saw said that they are cooler and drier than other socks, and they really are. I am a believer!! 5 Stars.

  27. Ryan

    Bought these socks on vacation, and I love them.

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