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JOX SOX Men’s Cushioned Crew Socks

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Perfect for golf, tennis, running, cycling, hiking, walking, workout, sports, exercise, fitness and daily wear. Originally designed for athletes whose feet take a pounding, they are perfect for anyone who wears socks. Padded only on the bottom, each step you take feels as if you are walking on a cloud, without adding bulk or changing your shoe size.

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19 reviews for JOX SOX Men’s Cushioned Crew Socks

  1. Elijah

    Worth every penny
    I stand all day at my job and the socks really make a difference. All the cotton helps tremendously with the perspiration. I suggest buy them as soon as possible. I will getting more.

  2. Jabril

    I was hesitant to spend so much money on socks. I have had some pain in the ball of one foot; and was starting to feel that pain even in my gym shoes while working out. So I coughed up the money (what did I have to lose beside postage?).
    These are fantastic!!!! Not only is the pain gone, but my feet feel as though they don’t hit the ground. Just for the record, I am 60, work out on a daily basis and on my feet most of the day; my lifestyle is active, so the money was well spent. Have now bought some for my husband!
    Don’t hesitate.

  3. Oliver

    Excellent sock
    I have to wear leg braces due to M.S I have to find the perfect sock, this is it! does not bunch up or get those little pills. Its like putting on a new pair of socks each time you wear them! thank you Jox Sox

  4. Steve F.

    These crew socks are cushioned on the bottom where you need padding, but thin and cool on the top. They are awesome. I will be ordering more!!

  5. Ramone

    Great socks…
    Love these socks. They keep your feet dry and ventilated unlike cotton ones. I like that I can wear them with my closer fitting shoes without making them feel tight. Would love some other colors like navy, brown and charcoal.

  6. Stephen

    Great socks
    Love these socks. They keep your feet dry and ventilated unlike cotton ones. I like that I can wear them with my closer fitting shoes without making them feel tight. Would love some other colors like navy, brown and charcoal.

  7. William

    best cotton socks EVER…
    These socks are unbelievable. Never slip. I love them so much. I give them as gifts to all my friends and they LOVE them. They make a major difference in comfort afer being on my feet all day long. I have given them to all my nurse friends.

  8. Jim

    The best socks ever!
    These are so soft and comfortable! I usually bought Ralph Lauren and the past year, I can’t find them in stores. So when I saw these, I thought I would give them a try. So glad I did….the same quality as the RL.
    I’m so happy with these!

  9. Doug

    Perfect substance and weight while being extremely comfortable to wear. Great purchase.

  10. Lenny

    Heart” these Sox!
    I usually abhor wearing stockings and socks, preferring bare feet even in winter (I wear a variety Uggs to keep warm). However, I find that some athletic wear will irritate the backs of my heels/ankles when going bare. I discovered Jox Sox a few years ago. Now, let me tell you how special these are, because I refuse to wear any other socks. They are comfortable and so light that I barely notice them~When worn with my athletic shoes, I feel confident in that there is no rubbing, lots of cush and no sweating feet.

  11. Lucas

    the best!!
    I love this socks the quality is excellent in the summer they are cool and in winter they are warm , the cushioning is amazing and they last a long time this is my 5th time ordering them

  12. Edward

    Best socks for boots
    I got my first order of these socks more than a year ago to try with the boots I wear when I ride my horse. They are the best!! The cushioning is great and also keeps your foot warm in winter and absorbs moisture in summer. I have washed them tons of times and they come out perfect…no pilling or wear so far. I have bought many socks and these have proven to be greatest quality I have ever had. I wish they would make knee highs in the same fabrication. I love the crews. I do not wear the shorties that do not give ankle protection. More of the black ones too.

  13. Larry

    These are so extremely comfortable. Love them.

  14. Mary

    I started buying them for family members. they wash great, my feet feel good all day no matter what i’m doing.

  15. Mitch

    These socks are so cushiony and breathable that even when I’m on my feet all day, my feet are comfortable and happy. They also wash up great.”

  16. Noah

    Super Comfortable
    These are very cushioned socks, way more comfortable and cushioned than the brand name expensive running socks I usually have to buy at the store. I was lucky and got these socks at the low lunch time only price so I bought both colors in the shorter crew length. Love both colors and the crew size is perfect, not too short where it gets lost in your shoe but still low enough. I don’t know how well they wash/dry yet and hold up after a few wearings, so only 4 stars for now, but they do feel like slipper socks! They are a thicker cotton on the bottom than the traditional expensive super thin runner sock, but they have the thin mesh like top for breathability and enough stretch in them so they are not tight. They fit me good for my size 8 feet.

  17. Scott

    These socks have very nice cushioning.

  18. Alan

    These are my favorite socks, and I will definitely be ordering more of them. They are soft and comfortable and keep my feet warm without being too heavy or thick when I wear with my shoes. Also, soles are soft and cushioney.

  19. Greg

    Love these socks, I bought the black and tan ones, and I wear them to work everyday in my work boots. Worth the money.

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